Direct Energy Ohio Voice of the Customer

Direct Energy is very active in Ohio. We have four Volunteer Citizens of the Year, we partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus to help support their Power Hour across the state, we’ve awarded a Cleveland non-profit with a Reduce Your Use grant, helped Columbus non-profits learn more about reducing their use, and just celebrated the opening of our Columbus office.

So it’s no wonder we went to Ohio to produce our first ever Direct Energy Voice of the Customer videos.

We travelled all over the state and learned how we helped one tanning salon from closing its doors forever, and how we help one doggie day care (puppies!) by making it so easy for them to do business. We also talked to people just like you.

This is Bruce Miller. This is his story.

You can see all of our Voice of the Customer videos here.

This post was written by Bethany Ruhe, Senior Manager of External Relations for Direct Energy