Direct Energy Partners with Nest to Innovate Thermostats and Energy

Direct Energy Partners with Nest to Innovate Thermostats and Energy
Nest Learning Thermostat

Just look at that title. Isn’t it exciting? Direct Energy has developed a fantastic relationship with Nest, one of the most innovative technology companies in the world, and both sides want to push the arrangement to new heights. We are developing an offer for customers throughout North America that will include the Nest Learning Thermostat™ in hopes that more people will enjoy the change to reduce energy costs and manage your electricity usage throughout the year.

To be honest, we’re really proud of this whole situation and how it came to pass. Earlier in 2014, we began offering the Nest Learning Thermostat to folks throughout Alberta, Canada through our Comfort & Control Dual Fuel Plan. Lo and behold, the program has been a stunning success, which prompted Direct Energy and Nest to communicate further about how we can build upon these achievements in ways that can benefit both companies and our great customers!

Be on the lookout for a much bigger announcement about the partnership between Nest and Direct Energy on June 1st, 2014, but for a glimpse of the ideas we’re considering, check Nest’s Rush Hour Rewards™ and Seasonal Savings™ services.

To read more about the budding relationship between our two companies – including the ways that customers can learn new ways to control their energy usage and electricity bills – please view the press release for this announcement that was issued earlier today.


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