Don’t let Your Winter Energy Bills Spook You!

Cold PumpkinDoes the thought of your upcoming winter energy bills have you spooked? According to a recent survey conducted for Direct Energy by Angus Reid, the majority (55 per cent) of homeowners said they feel either concerned or angry about their upcoming winter heating bills. With Halloween right around the corner and colder weather to come, now is the perfect time to prep with these simple energy and cost savings tips as the temperature outside begins to plummet.

“We know that higher energy bills in the winter can be stressful for homeowners, and many people are unaware of the simple steps they can take to achieve real savings every month,” said Dave Walton, Director of Home Ideas at Direct Energy. Energy efficiency home upgrades this winter can be as simple as one, two, three with more than $980 in savings at your fingertips.

Direct Energy encourages homeowners to book their annual furnace maintenance now that temperatures are dropping. Homeowners can save as much as 5 percent on heating bills by simply replacing the filter every two to three months.

Research done by Direct Energy found the average homeowner could potentially save more than $980, or 25.9 percent on their annual heating bill by taking three steps:

Save up to $565 for upgrading equipment: Replacing a conventional furnace with a high efficiency one can result in savings of up to $565 per year, or 15 percent on heating bills.

Save up to $307 by boosting insulation: Topping up attic and basement insulation can result in savings up to $307 per year or 8.13 percent on heating bills .

Save up to $108 for sealing leaks and improving air quality: Sealing leaks with weather stripping and caulking can save up to $108 per year on heating bills or 2.9 percent.

Additional findings from the Direct Energy survey reveal that:

  • Ninety per cent of homeowners are unaware that their old furnace is likely the biggest energy waster during the heating season.
  • When it comes to priorities for fall, only 22 per cent of homeowners plan to book furnace maintenance, while 43 per cent said getting snow tires topped the list.
  • More than half (59 per cent) of people don’t clean their air ducts, which could lead to indoor air quality issues.