Hanging Out with Doris the Green Granny – The Outtakes

Hanging Out with Doris the Green Granny – The OuttakesA wise woman once said, “Life is not a dress rehearsal.” I think that Doris the Green Granny might have replied, “Actually, I think that having the chance to do over a few key scenes in life might be beneficial.” I personally agree with her – if I had a camera shadowing my every move while I tried to share great green living tips with people, I know that I’d want the opportunity to say my lines over again.

Thus, we’re really happy to share with you the outtakes from filming Doris the Green Granny for the past few weeks. And since some of these are quite funny, we thought they’d be a great way for you to get over the hump that is Wednesday.

For the next couple of minutes, enjoy the general hilarity that comes with bringing Doris’ genius to the masses, as well as the overwhelming adorableness of children in their Halloween costumes. And once you’ve watched that clip a few times, we encourage you to revisit all the great energy efficiency and green living tips that The Green Granny has shared with us recently, whether it’s during the holidays, while watching a football game, or hanging out with your posse.

Thanks to everyone who’s helped to introduce Doris the Green Granny to the world!