Eco-Friendly Spring Break Tips

You’ve been working hard all winter, now that spring is finally here you definitely deserve a break. We hope when you’re planning your spring break vacation (or staycation), you will keep these eco-friendly tips in mind.

  • Go somewhere green—When it comes to taking a vacation, think about going somewhere with a tiny carbon footprint. Destinations like Big Sur, California; Taos, New Mexico; and Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica all have sustainable accommodations that’ll also please your wallet!
  • Take your bike—Not only is biking the greenest form of transportation, it’s also great exercise and a fun activity! Whether you’re staying in town or visiting a new city, exploring by bike will give you a new perspective.
  • Volunteer—Many colleges offer volunteer opportunities for students. Even if you aren’t in school, pick an organization that interests you and give back!

When enjoying your spring break vacation or staycation, try to keep your carbon footprint small, and your level of fun large!

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Image: Shutterstock