Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips

Okay, gang, it’s time. April showers have already started and May flowers will soon be blooming. One of the biggest milestones of spring is the chance to clean out those winter cobwebs and do your spring cleaning! While this chore may not be your favorite, it’s definitely necessary. Here are a few tips from the house to the yard that’ll make your spring cleaning a little greener and hopefully more fun!

  • Donate vs. Dump—Instead of dumping your old clothes, give them to charity! Local thrift shops, Goodwill and Salvation Army are always looking for clothes and other items. Plus, donating will prevent more waste from entering landfills.
  • Clean Green—Use eco-friendly cleaning products, or even make your own! Cleaning agents that utilize natural ingredients are safer for your family and the environment!
  • Save Water—Install a rain barrel for all of your outdoor water needs. From washing down the driveway to watering plants, your rain barrel will collect rain and provide you with an easy way to conserve water!

How do you make your spring cleaning more eco-friendly? Let us know by sending us a Tweet!

Image: Shutterstock