Eco-Friendly Summer Accessories

Are you looking to kick your summer accessories up a notch? Being trendy doesn’t have to be harsh for the environment. To take your summer fashion to the next level while remaining green, check out these earth-friendly finds:

  • Sea Bags — Upcycling at its finest, these totes and bags are made from recycled sails!
  • LunchSkins — With adorable summer patterns, these washable baggies are perfect for the beach.
  • Bow Tie Bracelet — Made from gently used neckties, these brightly colored bracelets are the perfect eco-friendly accessories.
  • T-shirt backpack — Check out this tutorial on how to convert your kid’s old t-shirts into a backpack and help your little ones look stylish while remaining green.
  • Eco-Friendly Insulated Cooler Tote Bag — No trip to the pool is complete without a cooler, and these are both stylish and eco-friendly!
  • Waterproof speakers — If you’re going near water, these eco-friendly, waterproof speakers will be sure to pump up your trip.