Eco Spring Break

It’s finally here, the week you have been waiting for – Spring Break. As you hit the open road in search of sun, sand and endless fun, remember to keep your spring fling green. There is a myriad of activities and things you can do to give the environment a break, while still enjoying yours.

Volunteer – Get a tan while taking the day or the afternoon to help clean up a beach.

Don’t go Solo – We all love those “little red cups,” but avoid producing all of that plastic waste and opt for a reusable beverage container.

Play Outside – Turn off the TV, laptop, tablet, MP3 player, etc. and go expend your energy outside instead of wasting energy inside. Start a beach volleyball game or kick it old school and have a sand castle building contest.

Scavenger Hunt – Create a scavenger hunt for you and your friends, it will certainly make for some great pictures and stories.

Road Trip – Instead of flying, take a road trip. Pack as many of your friends into one car as possible and pump up the jams. Carpools and roadtrips give you a smaller carbon footprint than flying.

Splish Splash – Instead of cruising around on a boat or going parasailing, learn to surf or paddle surf. Take out a paddleboat or a wind-powered Hobie Cat. Or if you want to be on the water, but not in the water, kick back on the dock and go fishing.

As you bask in the sun and enjoy your vacation just remember that your activities can either have a positive or negative impact on the environment. Find out how to “Go Green” every day by reducing your carbon footprint.

Thanks Flickr user Greg and Mellina.