End of Summer Lawn Tips

With the end of summer just around the corner, it’s time to prepare your lawn—and lawn mower—for the cooler weather ahead!

To ensure your grass is lush and healthy when spring rolls around next year, get ahead of the game with these end-of-August fall lawn maintenance tips:

  • Does your lawn have drought or insect damage? Now is the time to repair.
  • Use eco-friendly options, like vinegar or baking soda, to kill any weeds that have sprouted up over the summer.
  • Reseed your lawn or fertilize your lawn for fall. With the air becoming cooler, but the soil remaining warm, the end of summer is the perfect time for seedlings or for a fall fertilizing to maintain a your lawn’s healthy root system

End-of-summer and fall lawn maintenance doesn’t stop with your grass— after months of working in the heat, your lawnmower could use some TLC as well! To maintain your lawnmower for winter and to make sure it will be in good working condition come spring, check out these lawn mower maintenance tips:

  • To ensure the leftover gas doesn’t become stale, siphon excess gas from the mower into a clean can.
  • Disconnect the spark plug (to prevent injury when performing the next steps).
  • Detach blades.
  • Change the mower’s oil.
  • To prevent rust, remove any grass and mud that have caked onto the mower.
  • Replace/clean the air filter.

Take caution when cleaning the mower, and make sure that you’re using best practices to prevent injury.