Energy Zombies: The Walking Dead Electricity Bill

With Halloween in the air, Chunk and Rita Shambles — the Energy Zombies — have decided it’s the perfect time to creep out of hibernation and into your home to eat up all of your electricity!

Don’t fall victim to the perils of The Walking Dead Electricity Bill! Every time you leave electronics around your house plugged in but not in use – whether it’s your TV, video game systems, minor appliances, or something else entirely – you’re inviting the Shambles into your home to have a delicious meal at your expense. Once they get inside, you’re allowing them to infect your energy efficient abode and suck up your energy, which will eventually leave you with a high electricity bill and an empty wallet.

To keep your home free of the Shambles and their friends so that your home can be as energy efficient as possible, check out our ENERGY ZOMBIES: Infected video for energy efficiency tips on how to protect yourself from the energy-consuming zombies!