Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

As summer creeps closer to a close, it’s time to start planning for cooler days and unpredictable weather conditions—especially in terms of preparing your home for fall. To save on energy costs and protect your house from potential damage, see our fall home maintenance checklist:

  • Clean out your gutters – To prevent clogging, remove leaves and debris from your gutters and drainpipes.
  • Drain outdoor faucets – If you live in an area with a cold weather, drain your outdoor faucets.
  • Clean your fireplace and chimney – Cleaning your fireplace and chimney before use is important to prevent fires. While you can clean the ash and charred wood from your fireplace yourself, it’s best to turn to a professional for chimney cleaning.
  • Survey your heating systems – Dust the heating vents in your home and ensure that they’re not blocked by or covered by furniture, curtains, etc.
  • Replace filters – Clean or replace your furnace filters and air filters.

And remember, when completing any of these tasks, always put your safety first!