Football FANatic Green Party Tips from Doris the Green Granny

Football FANatic Green Party Tips from Doris the Green GrannyIt seems like everyone really liked hanging out with Doris the Green Granny last week during Halloween, even IF she handed out CFL bulbs and air filters instead of candy. This week, we spent some special time with our favorite die-hard football fan as she entertained her family and friends. Since she’s not the only football fanatic out there, Doris regaled us with excellent green party tips that will make every football-watching shindig as eco-friendly as possible.

  • Don’t use plates, cutlery, cups, and napkins that can be thrown in the trash. Don’t worry about everything “matching” – if people have a problem with it, kick ’em out.
  • Turn down the thermostat a few degrees. When there are lots of people present, they’ll create their own warmth in the room.
  • Encourage your guests to recycle. Place your recycling bins in easy-to-find locations.
  • Never, I mean EVER use Styrofoam! You wouldn’t want to be tackled by Doris. She protects the earth like a good offensive lineman protects his quarterback.

And in the wise words of Doris the Green Granny, “The only thing better than my team winning is the feeling I get knowing that we saved the earth a little today.”

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