Free Power isn’t just for Saturdays anymore…

Direct Energy wants to give you a Free Power Day! No, you didn’t misunderstand us. We want to give you Free Power. One Day. Every week. For a year.

Free Power Days is an electricity plan in Pennsylvania that allows Direct Energy customers to pick any day of the week to receive free electricity all day. The plan allows customers to tailor electricity consumption around their busy schedules to save on their energy bill!

Want to know how people in your community are already using their Free Power Day? Harrisburg customer Colleen Wassell manages a family of five, plus their golden retriever, Romo. With a family that size, there are an abundance of fun entertainment opportunities as well as household chores, and it’s important to Colleen to save on her electricity bill wherever possible.

She uses her Free Power Day to do just that!

By doing the bulk of her household chores on her Free Power Day, she’s been able to make a significant difference on her electricity bills. She does much of her house cleaning and laundry (sometimes 10 plus loads!) all on her Free Power Day. For another interesting way to use your Free Power Day, check out how Colleen, along with the Direct Energy crew, used one of her days.

It looks like Romo loves Free Power Days too!

How would you spend your Free Power Day? You can use it for all kinds of fun, like:

  • Wii bowling tournaments
  • Have viewing parties for your favorite weekly TV show
  • Epic treadmill runs
  • Pre-print all of your homework for the week
  • Fully charge all of your electronics, like your Kindle or iPad
  • Slumber parties for your little ones
  • Bake cookies to share with your friends
  • Cook your weekly meals

And of course… Knock out all of your laundry!