Fun Green Projects for the Whole Family

Since it’s February, we thought it’d be fun to talk about something we really LOVE… our environment! Going green is a great way to protect and appreciate your environment, and there are plenty of fun activities you can do to go green with your entire family.

Disposable lunches in paper bags, with contents in plastic baggies, create a large amount of waste each year. The solution? Create waste-free lunches for the entire family! Kids will have fun picking out their favorite reusable lunch box and you can pack their various lunch items in reusable containers, like these colorful Tupperware bowls.

Another way to reduce the amount of waste your family contributes to landfills each year is to recycle. Teach kids how to separate items (paper, aluminum, plastic) for recycling, based on the specifications of your local recycling company. And be sure to check out Recycle City! Recycle City was created by the Environmental Protection Agency and is a fun way to get kids excited about going green.

Looking for ways to exercise while you’re doing your part to help the environment? Before you grab your keys to run a quick errand, consider pulling your bike out of the garage or lacing up your walking shoes instead. Walking is free, it saves energy, it keeps emissions out of the air and it’s a great form of exercise! Check out these bike safety tips.

Lastly, check out this printable energy saving guide we have created just for your kids. It’s packed with information to arm your little one’s against energy waste.

We love the environment and want to do everything we can to keep it beautiful. By adopting these fun green tasks into your lifestyle, you and your family can really make a difference!

Thank you, Flickr user Darwin Bell for this amazing photo.