Going Green for the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is almost here! While the Fourth is a great time to have some fun and get some sun, the holiday can be detrimental to the environment. When prepping for your Fourth of July celebrations, try some of these tips to make your festivities red, white, blue AND green:

  • Nix the plastic. While plastic party ware is convenient, using plastic utensils and plates can lead to a great deal of waste. Try using your normal tableware instead!
  • Embrace the great outdoors. Weather and climate permitting, host your Fourth of July celebrations outdoors. Doing so will help reduce your indoor energy costs.
  • Save, reuse or make your décor. Instead of purchasing decorative items that you will toss out on July Fifth, store your Independence Day flair to use again next year. You can also try some of these great DIY ideas for creating your own decorations!
  • Setting off your own fireworks? Make sure you’re purchasing the options that are rich in nitrogen. While they may cost a bit more, they release less smoke into the environment, making them the greener option.

If you’re celebrating throughout the day and the weather gets hot, make sure you check out these tips for staying safe in the heat. Happy Fourth!