Green Laundry Tips

Even though it’s only Monday, we’re already thinking about our weekend chores—like doing the laundry. While laundry isn’t the most thrilling task, it’s something we have to do! Next time you toss in a load, try these five ideas to clean up your clothes AND your lifestyle:

  • Use cold water. If you’re using a conventional top-loading washing machine, you can waste up to 90 percent of your energy heating up your water.
  • Soak your stains. For set-in stains, try pre-soaking your dirty items in washing soda before putting it into a regular, cold-water wash cycle.
  • Only run full loads of laundry. By only running your washing machine and dryer when they are full, you’ll save energy and minimize water waste.
  • Dry your clothes on a line. While it isn’t always the most convenient option, line-drying your laundry not only preserves your clothing, but can also save you about $85 a year!

What do you do to keep your laundry clean while going green? Share your tips with us on Twitter!