Green Lawn Care Tips

How green is your lawn? Nobody wants to be the house on the street with brown grass. However, it’s important to look closely at what you’re doing to maintain your lawn and how your actions affect the environment. Learn how to reduce your use outdoors by making some of these simple adjustments.

  • Choose your pesticides wisely. Insecticides and other chemical pesticides can cause harm to humans and pets in addition to the bugs of which you’re trying rid home. Opt for a biopesticide instead!
  • Start composting! Instead of throwing away food and outdoor waste, start composting and reuse waste as fertilizer!
  • Conserve water by following these easy tips: water in the morning, water deeply and less frequently, and use a timer to automatically shut off your sprinkler.
  • Find plants native to your region. Plants that can adapt easily to the climate will need less care and utilize minimal resources.

How is your lawn looking? What green alternatives do you use outdoors? Share your tips with us on Twitter!

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Image: Shutterstock