Green Moving Tips

Planning an upcoming move? Moving can be quite a taxing experience, both on you and the environment. To reduce your stress and make your move more eco-friendly, try some of these green moving tips:

  • Plan ahead! Before moving day, go through you belongings and downsize, only keeping what you need. Donate or sell the items you can live without.
  • Get creative with your storage options. Before going out and purchasing moving boxes, store what you can in things like suitcases and even pillowcases!
  •  Re-use boxes. Go to your local grocery store and ask the manager if you can use some boxes for your move. Doing so cuts down on waste and saves you money!
  • Use eco-friendly transportation. To make the fewest trips possible while moving between your old and new house, pack efficiently and consider renting a van or truck for your move. Click here to check out some eco-friendly rental options.
  • Transfer your electric service. Before moving into your new home, make sure you’ve transferred your service! Take the hassle out of connecting or moving your electric service by visiting our website

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