Introducing Chunk and Rita Shambles

Have you met the new neighbors yet?

Chunk and Rita Shambles are not your average married couple. They are Energy Zombies and they are looking to infect you! How you ask? Every time you leave electronics plugged in that are not in use, you are inviting the Shambles into your home for a big serving of energy that will end up coming straight from your wallet.

At Direct Energy, we want to help you fight these energy zombies. We will give you the tools you need to protect yourself from needlessly high-energy bills by exposing the havoc this zombie couple can wreak through a series of videos and blog posts.

We are always looking for unique ways to educate consumers on the small, cost effective measure they can take to help them save energy and money during the cold winter months,” said Cory Byzewski, vice president of Direct Energy.

And slaying a few energy zombies is your first step! Check out our first two videos and stay tuned for more videos!