Introducing Doris the Green Granny! Energy Efficiency, Green Living, and Fun for Everyone

Direct Energy is really excited to introduce you to Doris the Green Granny! Doris is a young-at-heart, hip, happening granny from Pittsburgh, PA who lives with her son Robert, his wife Carol, and their two teenage children, Alex and Lillie. The beloved family dog, Buster, is Doris’ more than willing sidekick in her energy efficiency antics. Doris wants everyone to enjoy a healthy, clean planet, so much so that her life motto – “Go Green or Go Home!” – is emblazoned across the back of her green (of course!) tracksuit.

In this first video installment with Doris the Green Granny, we catch her trying to educate trick-or-treaters in her neighborhood about proper energy efficiency techniques. The real question is whether or not the kids will appreciate the “treats” she’s passing out for Halloween.

As we head into November, be on the lookout for more fun videos from Doris. She is always trying to help people with quick and inexpensive energy efficiency tips to help save energy and money while going green.

At Direct Energy, we’re always looking to connect you with great resources that can help you manage your electricity usage and improve your energy efficiency. This starts with Dave’s Corner teaching you about effective home improvement techniques, includes our blogs where we pass on helpful tips for everyday life, and extends far beyond that. Our latest energy champion, Doris, is so enthusiastic about sharing great green living tips that we just had to record her interacting with her family, friends, and community about the benefits of being green!

Have a Happy Green Halloween from Doris and Direct Energy!