It’s Picnic Time!

This week marked the first day of spring and you know what that means…picnics galore! Picnics are a great way to keep up family fun traditions but they are also a great way to utilize an extra hour of daylight and save energy. We are here to provide you with tips on creating your own eco-friendly “green” picnics. These tips will not only leave you happy, but it will also leave our environment happy and clean, too.

1. Keep it local. Explore your community by walking, biking and using the public transportation system. By doing this you are saving (gas) resources, reducing pollution, getting your daily exercise and saving energy all at once.

2. Scope it out. Be sure to know where you want to have a picnic so you can prepare to bring an eco-friendly tablecloth if there isn’t a picnic table available.

3. Ditch the plastic bags. Go for an eco-friendly hand-woven picnic basket that is completely all natural and made from renewable resources like this one that UncommonGoods provides. Or you can go for a natural, eco-friendly woven tote bag that is very functional.

4. Reusable, Reusable, Reusable. Green up your picnic with reusable plates, cups, containers, utensils and cloth napkins. It is much more eco-friendly to take stuff home to be washed than to throw it away in the trash can. This will help you and your wallet!

5. Time to go organic. Whether you are getting your picnic foods in the organic section at the grocery store or shopping at your local farmers market, it’s time to combine being healthy and green. Don’t forget to pack your picnic goodies in reusable containers.

6. Keep it clean. For everyone to enjoy picnics you will always want to leave your picnic area the way you found it, clean. Littering contaminates the land and wildlife. Pack an extra bag for your trash and recyclables. For your food leftovers and scraps, you can take them home to compost, which is a great way to naturally fertilize your garden.

As you can see, throwing a picture perfect green picnic is very simple! Happy picnicking!

Thanks flickr user Mykl Roventine.