Energy Savings in Your Hands: A Meridian Smart Thermostat Overview

Meridian Smart Thermostat ProductsThink smart thermostats are a dumb investment? Better think again.

Direct Energy has just released its Meridian Savings Plan, a fixed-rate electricity plan with an energy charge that’s locked for 24 months. The Meridian Smart Thermostat from Honeywell is not just a programmable thermostat that connects to the web. Instead, it combines smart thermostat technology with real-time data and melds it with competitive low electric rates. The results are up to 10% in energy savings and a lower monthly bill.

How It Works

After signing up for the plan, you will program your thermostat by just answering a series of intuitive questions based on your lifestyle. A Honeywell smart thermostat is then professionally installed in your home. Next, you will download the free Meridian advanced mobile app (developed by Opower to work with Honeywell smart thermostats) for Android or iOs. Use the app to monitor and control your home temperature setting from anywhere and at any time. This technology lets you set up different control settings for “Home,” “Away,” “Asleep,” and “Vacation”. The app will also recommend settings that will help save you money.Meridian Smart Thermostat App

How the Meridian Smart Thermostat is Different

That’s where most programmable thermostats call it a day.

But the Meridian thermostat and app adds data-driven analysis to track your home’s energy usage for heating and cooling. The system uses this data to calculate the most efficient temperature settings for you and recommends a new setting in the app’s “Set for Savings” feature. It will also show you how your home’s consumption compares with similar homes and help guide your energy setting choices. Just by tweaking the temperature setting, consumers can save up to 10% of their energy consumption.

And on broiling Texas summer days, that can add up fast. With an average bill of $503 for Texas electricity for the summer, you could save $50 off your energy costs.

What You Get

The Meridian Savings Plan includes:

  • A competitive 24-month fixed rate electricity plan. Fixed rate plans protect you against increasing rates.
  • A FREE 20-point HVAC seasonal maintenance ($138 value) to keep your system running smoothly and catch problems before they happen.
  • Professional installation of the Meridian Thermostat (installation fee of $69.99 for the first thermostat; $49.99 each for up to 2 more) by One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning.


Only single family homes with WiFi access qualify. While most HVAC systems are compatible with Honeywell Smart Thermostats, be sure to check with your installer first.

Learn how you can make smarter choices about your home’s electricity usage. Check out Direct Energy’s Meridian Smart Thermostat Plan and put energy savings in your hands.