Pay It Forward

A couple of weeks ago, we launched a team building event called Pay It Forward based on the concept from the movie Pay It Forward with Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey.  The premise is that teams from across different functional groups are given $100 to simply “Go out and do good in the community”.

The concept is that instead of repaying the kind deed, you simply ask the person to pay forward the kindness to someone else.  Everyone was so energized to participate in a team building activity that was not only fun but also had a social impact in the community….they started seeing the possibilities… this could be BIG…really BIG..all of a sudden our teams were INSPIRED!

So yesterday we met in our teams and started brainstorming ideas (see posted pictures). I was amazed at all of the awesome ideas that I was hearing. People are really putting their thinking caps on and have BIG plans. But ironically most of the plans, require very little money. Most of the plans simply require time and effort..valuable commodities that our organization is willing to allow our employees to do because they also believe that Pay It Forward has the power to transform not only how we work together as a team but also transform communities.  It’s so nice to see the spirit of this initiative being embraced.

It’s also sparked people to start sharing about their own Pay It Forward experiences around the water cooler.  This is certainly not a concept that we have newly invented, but is a lovely reminder that sometimes the smallest good deeds can have an impact on a life that we could never imagine.

To share my own story, I was deeply touched to receive several “Pay It Forward” books from an anonymous sender. One of the books, is an illustrated children’s story called, One Smile and is a tale about how a young girls smile affects a boy who is down and out but inspires him to pull himself up and he does a good deed for another and starts a chain of putting forth good energy. My 6 year old daughter loved the book and it has been the basis of inspiration for our team to take the story into a school and teach other children about Pay It Forward in the classroom.

I hope others will share both their personal and team stories here on facebook and upload their videos/pictures as they make it happen!

Dianna Bradbury
Transformation Manager
DE ONE Program
Direct Energy Business

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