Planning a Tropical (Storm) Vacation?

In the summertime, many of us look forward to visiting sunny beaches and tropical areas. The one thing we often don’t think about is that summertime is also hurricane season (June 1 – Nov 30, with peak storm activity between Aug 15 – Oct 1).

While worrying about storms shouldn’t derail your trip, it is smart to be aware of weather conditions in the area you plan to visit. With modern storm prediction tools, tourists are generally given lots of time to prepare and evacuate when a storm threatens.

If you’re visiting a tropical area:
• Before you leave home, check the weather for the area you’ll be visiting.
• Bring a list of emergency numbers or websites to check for evacuation updates.
• Have an evacuation plan or route in mind, so that if an evacuation were to occur you would know where to go.
• Know your hotel and airline’s refund/date change policy.
• If an evacuation is announced, don’t panic. Follow the evacuation orders in a timely manner. Your hotel or local visitor’s bureau should be able to help if you need assistance with making arrangements.

The threat of a storm shouldn’t keep you from traveling to these beautiful areas of the world. Most areas see thousands of visitors each year, and it’s rare that a storm disrupts travel plans. Because tourism is such a big industry in most beach and tropical areas, hotels and visitor’s bureaus work hard to keep tourists informed and safe during their stay.

Have you ever encountered a tropical storm while on vacation? We want to hear about it!