Prepping your BBQ for Memorial Day Celebrations

How are you celebrating the Memorial Day holiday? If you’re hosting a cookout, take some time to make sure your grill is cleaned and prepped for BBQ season—doing so will create more flavorful food and help your grill run properly.

Check out these BBQ cleaning tips:

  • Detach and thoroughly clean the burners.
  • Check all burning ports to ensure they’re open. If clogged, use a paperclip to clean them out!
  • Using a brass wire brush, clean the BBQ’s grills (ideally during the pre-heating period).
  • Inspect all hoses and feed tubes to ensure there aren’t any crimps, scratches or punctures.
  • Perform a leak test.

If you frequently use your BBQ during the summer, use the above cleaning techniques at least two to three times a year.


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