Quick Tips to Save Energy as the Temperature Drops by Dave Walton

Household heating costs make up a significant part of our expenses in Canada during the fall and winter months, and this often leaves homeowners frosted by seasonal energy bills.  Thankfully, there are simple things you can do to save money on your energy costs. Dave Walton, Director of Home Ideas at Direct Energy, shares his top five tips for energy efficiency during the winter:

• Replace your air filter – Changing dirty filters on your furnace every three months could save you five percent on your heating bill.

• Lower the thermostat – Lowering your thermostat by two degrees could save as much as four per cent on your heating bill.

• Use a humidifier – This allows you to turn the thermostat down one or two degrees, while still maintaining a comfortable feeling.

• Let the sun shine in – Open the drapes or blinds on sunny days and bask in the “free” heat. Close them when the sun sets to trap the heat inside your home.

• Seal leaks – Sealing leaks around doors, windows, and electrical outlets can save 20 percent on your heating bill.

Check out Dave’s Corner to learn more about how a little home maintenance can save money on your energy bills in the winter and throughout the rest of the year.