Say Hello to our Energy Stars!

At the beginning of September, we kicked off our Energy Star Contest on our Facebook page. We asked our Direct Energy friends and family to tell us the creative ways they save energy around their home. After a month of submissions and voting, a panel of Direct Energy judges chose the top three.

So without further ado, lets say hello to our winners are read their submissions!

First Prize:
How We Maintain Energy Star Status
By Susan from Texas
We unplug electronics when we are going to be gone for a while, plus leave behind a garlic clove for extra protection since we learned the DVR was actually an energy vampire. Since our dog drinks five gallons of water a day and our faucets use that much before hot water flows, we keep gallon containers by the sinks to fill while waiting. No water wasted, and Tinkerbelle is kept well hydrated. We keep the thermostat at 85 while gone, 78 while home. On hot days, we just walk around the house naked. Clothes stay cleaner, resulting in less laundry!

Second Prize:
Little Changes – Big Savings
By Mike from Ohio
In our home, we save energy in a variety of ways. Changes of all sizes can help you save big! We have been doing an analysis of our appliances, looking at lifetime, energy usage, and efficiency. Where it makes sense, we’ve been converting appliances to newer, more efficient models. It costs a bit up front, but you make up the savings in usage. Changing to CFL bulbs has been a simple step. Even the kids get involved by making it a game for them to spot energy waste, tell us, and they earn points to spend later on fun things!

Third Prize:
My Contribution to Saving Mother Earth
By Sylvie from Texas
We installed a programmable thermostat and changed out all the bulbs to energy efficient fluorescent bulbs. When we leave the house for an extended amount of time, we turn off the thermostat. We unplug unused electronics and have all Energy Star appliances!

Now you tell us – how do you save money around the house? We loved reading all of these creative ideas!