Celebrating the first-ever Small Business Community Hero

For our very first Small Business Community Heroes, I truly didn’t know what to expect. I had a feeling that the people of Pittsburgh would rise up in support of their small business owners, and was I ever right. Nearly 60 nominations flooded in, blowing our goal out of the water, and giving us some really incredible nominees to choose from.

Scott Pipitone was one of those incredible nominees, and his nomination stood out from the crowd. Not only does he make financial contributions and sit on Boards of Directors, but he allots his time to other volunteer activities while involving his employees. I agree with what Betsy Benson, publisher and vice president of Pittsburgh Magazine, said about being impressed with his ability to instill a culture of volunteerism at his place of work. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

On July 11 we celebrated Scott’s achievements with an outdoor block party and dunk tank spectacular. Todd Sandford, head of small business for Direct Energy Business, shared this statistic: one out of every two employees in Pennsylvania works for a small business. That’s just to show you how vital our small business community really is.

After check presentations to Presbyterian SeniorCare Foundation and the Good Grief Center for Bereavement Support,

Todd and Scott bravely took a seat in the dunk tank. Unfortunately, no Direct Energy employees were able to hit the target to take down Todd (he did get dunked though). Scott’s employees lined up 30 deep to take their shot. Needless to say, neither was dry before the event was over.

This post was written by Andrea Romo, Public Relations Specialist for Direct Energy in Pittsburgh, PA.