Stay Connected: Moving Your Electric Service Can Be A Cool Breeze

Almost everything about moving is stressful: choosing a new place, packing and setting up  all over again.  Smart planning can ensure that at least moving your Direct Energy service is a snap. That way no matter what happens, at least the lights are on!

Gather Your Information
Before you call to arrange the move, make sure you’re an authorized user of the account (the account might be under your spouse’s name). Only those authorized individuals on the account can make the request.

  • Most recent monthly bill
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Mailing address for your new home
  • Date for start of new service

Contact Direct Energy
Once you have your information, you can contact Direct Energy to schedule your service move.

Always give as much notice as possible.  Making your requests early helps guarantee the power is ready to move when you are.

How Energy Efficient is Your New Home?
Have you seen an Energy Audit report on your new home?  It’s a great way to find opportunities to cut your power bill and conserve natural resources.  You’ll get a report on your current energy efficiency and a blueprint for making positive changes once you move.  It’s a great way to make your move really count.

Thanks to Kaptain Kobold for the photo