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Texas! Get Ready for a Week of High Temperatures and Possible Peak Event

Texas! Get Ready for a Week of High Temperatures and a Peak Event

According to the predictions released by outlets like The Weather Channel and Weather Underground, Texas and much of the southern United States will face continued triple-digit temperatures Monday throughout the upcoming week. And when you include the humidity and other factors, it’s going to feel like it’s nearly 110 degrees in some parts of our […]

Direct Your Energy

Direct Your Energy – Energy You Can Keep Up With

You have a to-do list every day: Your son needs a new swimsuit. You have to pack for summer camp. Pick up the dry cleaning, fill up with gas, haircut, baseball practice, grocery store. Pay bills. Paying your energy bill would be a lot easier if you actually understood your energy bill. At Direct Energy, […]


#LiveBrighter with Direct Energy

You can’t see it, but you can’t watch your favorite shows without it. You can’t taste it, but you couldn’t bake your favorite cookies if it wasn’t there. And you can’t hear it, but you couldn’t dance to your favorite songs if it wasn’t part of your home. ENERGY. Even though you can’t see it, […]