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Learning About Key Documents with Your Electricity Choice

Even with the advent of electricity deregulation in several states, not everyone understands the power that customers  have in terms of their electricity choice. So, if you’re thinking about selecting a new electricity provider or energy plan for your home, you need to understand the basics when it comes to choosing what’s right for you […]

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The Direct Energy Buzz for January 17, 2014

Welcome back to the Direct Energy Buzz! We’ve revamped things around here a bit to include news about what’s happening at Direct Energy and in the larger energy community. And since January 2014 started off with lots of buzz (some of it at around 60 herz) about new developments in home technology, let’s begin with […]

Free Power Saturdays have Arrived at Direct Energy!

Free Power Saturdays have Arrived at Direct Energy!

You’ve heard it all before – free electricity, great rebates, cash back – the promotions never seem to end. In the 10 years since the Texas energy industry has been deregulated, you’ve learned how to spot a bad deal, simply because you’re looking out for the best interests of your home. We understand your frustration […]

Free Power Saturdays have Arrived at Direct Energy!

October is National Energy Awareness Month

Throughout the country, Oktoberfest is in full swing, and Halloween is lurking just a few weeks away. This October has also been designated by the White House as National Energy Awareness Month! Energy is a nationally important issue because it affects not only our economy but also our security and environment. Every minute of everyday, we […]


Direct Energy Buzz September 20 Edition

Whew, what a week! Before you head off for the weekend, tune into this week’s recap of Direct Energy news, energy tips, and the Hot Job of the week. Monday was International Preserve the Ozone Day. Although this eco-friendly day has passed, take some of the tips from our blog on ways to go green […]

Free Power Saturdays have Arrived at Direct Energy!

Top Five Energy Terms You've Always Wanted Defined

When encountering things about energy, do you ever come across an electricity word or energy phrase that you’re not really sure what it means? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of the top five energy terms and electricity definitions people want to know more about. Energy: Available in several forms, many […]