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Holidaze With The Shambles!

The holidays can bring out the best in us all, but it can also bring out the worst in our energy bills. Before you toast to the holidays, don’t get too plugged-in or you just might become an ENERGY ZOMBIE! Chunk and Rita Shambles have some great tips to help you conserve energy this holiday […]


Even Energy Zombies Make Mistakes

Mondays tend to be a little tough for everyone. Therefore, we thought we’d get this week started by sharing fun outtakes from our Energy Zombies video series. If you haven’t met Chunk and Rita Shambles yet, they are Energy Zombies and they’re looking to infect your home! Every time you leave electronics plugged in that […]


Direct Energy Buzz – November 2 edition

We’ve never met a Friday we didn’t like, nor have we ever not welcomed a weekend with open arms. Give yourself a pat on the back because we made it! This past week has been a roller coaster of emotions. Between Hurricane Sandy and Zombie takeovers, we’re ready to share this week’s Direct Energy Buzz. […]

Thermostat Wars!

The Good, The Bad and The Thermostat War

We have all been there; you turn the thermostat up in order to melt the icicles hanging from your fingers. Thirty minutes go by and you’re still freezing. You check the thermostat to find someone has turned it down. This is a basic case of thermostat wars! Chunk and Rita Shambles often have the same […]

Don’t Let Snack Time Affect Your Bill!

Now that you have met Chunk and Rita Shambles, you know they are not the best guests to have at your dinner party. If you are still feeling hospitable and want to have them over of for a snack, perhaps a cup of tea and cucumber sandwiches, you may want to think twice. Being the […]