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9 Tips for Safe Trick-or-Treating on Halloween

Halloween is such an exciting time for kids. The thrill of dressing up in a costume, staying up late, and of course getting loads of free candy! They probably look forward to this day almost as much as Christmas. However, as parents, it’s imperative we help make sure our children’s Halloween is not only a fun […]


9 Safety Tips to Protect Your Family on Halloween

Like many families around the country, your children will most likely be celebrating Halloween by hitting the pavement in their costumes to gather as much candy as possible. And who doesn’t love candy? Before heading head out to scour the neighborhood for treats (Does anyone REALLY want tricks?), make sure your family stays protected with […]


DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner! We’re big fans of this holiday here at Direct Energy, mostly because we like the chance to have a good time while dressing up in fun costumes. If you are still brainstorming Halloween costume ideas for you or your kids, there’s still plenty of time to create an exciting […]

Direct Energy Buzz November 4th edition

Direct Energy Buzz November 4th edition

It’s Friday again and it’s time for another installment of our Friday recap! We hope everyone had a great time celebrating Halloween over the past weekend and loaded up on lots of candy Monday night trick-or-treating. To wrap up our (electronic) zombie preparedness month of October we reminded you to unplug if you’re not using! […]

Direct Energy Buzz: October 28 Edition

Direct Energy Buzz: October 28 Edition

It’s Friday! You know what that means – the weekend is just hours away and you get a new Direct Energy blog post! This week we kept reminding you about the danger of zombies… electronic zombies, of course. And since we wanted to keep everything in the Halloween spirit, we posted some related fun facts […]