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Checking the Predictions for the 2014 Hurricane Season

Back in May, the NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center (along with three other prediction centers) delivered a forecast for a “below normal” season. All told, NOAA expected 8-13 named tropical storms, 3-6 hurricanes, and 1-2 of which could be category 3 or above. The reasoning for so few storms was because of cold water in the […]

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Understanding the Predictions for the 2014 Hurricane Season

The dire hurricane predictions for an active 2013 hurricane season overshot the actual number of storms that occurred: thirteen named storms and only two hurricanes. In spite of warm waters off the west coast of Africa that make a nursery for powerful cyclones, most tropical systems dissipated before organizing into storms. This was due to unexpectedly […]


Preparing for Hurricane Season

With the start of June, hurricane season is officially here! As forecasters are already warning that the 2013 hurricane season may be more active than normal, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared before a hurricane hits. To prepare for hurricane season, here’s what you should do: Know your homes vulnerability to storm surge, flooding […]


Direct Energy Buzz – August 24 edition

It’s here, the day we’ve all been waiting for-it’s Friday! This is a bittersweet Friday for many since it is the last one before school starts. Dry your eyes little ones, with the tips we shared about back-to-school, you will be ready to conquer the new school year. Here’s your Friday rundown of this week’s […]

Hurricane Isaac

There’s No Such Thing As “Too Prepared”

As we welcome the back-to-school season, it’s important to remember that it’s still hurricane season as well. If you’ve been watching the weather reports lately, you already know about Tropical Storm Isaac and Tropical Storm Joyce in the Atlantic Ocean. In a continuing effort to prepare you for hurricanes and other severe weather, here are […]

Some Not-So-Common Hurricane Preparedness Tips

As we continue to truck through hurricane season, it’s important to make sure you’re always prepared for danger. You’ve heard us say over and over again, make sure your disaster supply kit is prepared, determine a safe escape route, write down emergency numbers as your cell phone could lose battery. While all these tips are […]