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5 Items to Keep Unpacked when Packing Up Your Home

The big move is finally here, and no matter how much you’ve planned and prepared, the entire process is still a whirlwind. By the time you’ve almost finished packing your belongings, you will probably want to throw the last few items in a box and just be on your way. However, there are some items […]


5 Tips for a Successful Move with Kids and Pets

Moving is often a stressful experience because it requires both mental labor to plan the move and physical labor to see it through to completion. But if you’re planning on moving with kids or pets, the experience can be even more stressful. Thankfully, you don’t need to fear the moving process because of these extra […]

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Direct Energy Buzz for May 2014

Welcome to the Direct Energy Buzz for May 2014. This month, we’ll be looking at some milestones and developments in Texas energy, taking solar power to the streets, and how Direct Energy will be helping nonprofits become more energy efficient. Texas Wind Reaches New Heights. Texas wind energy set a new record on March 28, 2014, producing […]


Green Moving Tips

Planning an upcoming move? Moving can be quite a taxing experience, both on you and the environment. To reduce your stress and make your move more eco-friendly, try some of these green moving tips: Plan ahead! Before moving day, go through you belongings and downsize, only keeping what you need. Donate or sell the items […]

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Green Packing and Recycling Tips for Your Next Move

The average American moves 11 times in a lifetime … and nearly three-fourths of the population moves an average of once every five years. Each of those moves will take an estimated 50 boxes. Unfortunately, many people pay a lot of money for new boxes, then throw them in the trash — along with non-recyclable […]