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Snow Covered Home in Winter Weather

Your Home Preparedness Checklist for Real Winter Weather

You’ve already felt the cold and seen the snow falling, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for preparing your home for real winter weather. Luckily, there are two phases for effective winterizing: air sealing and insulation - and this handy home preparedness checklist will assist you with those efforts. Air Sealing: Basically, you want to […]

Snow Covered Home in Winter Weather

Keeping Your Family Warm While Lowering Your Energy Usage in Fall and Winter

Feeling cozy – it’s what we all want when cold weather arrives.  Staying warm in your “castle” doesn’t have to equate to higher heating bills or large investments into home improvement.  Let’s discuss a few economical ways to be comfortable inside, when Mother Nature is giving you the cold shoulder outside. Thermostats The centerpiece of […]