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Direct Energy Buzz- September 28 Edition

Direct Energy Buzz- September 28 Edition

Happy it’s Friday? We sure are! There’s tons of DE news to get caught up on, so let’s dive right in. Last Friday, we interrupted your regularly scheduled Direct Energy Buzz for a special post from our very own Steven Murray, president of residential services. Monday, we shared some exciting news for small business owners−the […]

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Direct Energy Buzz – September 14 edition

Ah, at last – Friday. Time to indulge in some fun! It’s been a busy week for us so before you clock out for the weekend, here is your Friday rundown of this week’s news! Monday we shared some tips to keep your yard looking fresh and healthy as the temperature starts to drop. Have […]


Direct Energy Buzz – September 7 edition

Did you enjoy the short work-week? We sure did! Here’s your rundown of this week’s news on this fabulous Friday! On Monday we shared some delicious and creative recipes for your Labor Day party leftovers. Which recipe did you try? Wednesday we announced our first ever Columbus Volunteer Citizen of the Year award program. We […]

Direct Energy Buzz – September 9 Edition

Now that we are collectively waving goodbye to Labor Day in our rearview mirrors, it’s time to get your homes ready for the cooler weather. Like always, we will post all the tips you need to know on our Facebook and Twitter pages so be sure to stay tuned there for the latest news. If you miss […]