The Deadly Truth About Zombie Electronics

We have warned you about the dangers that zombie electronics pose to your wallet. However, these vicious energy eaters present a greater danger to you and your home. Did you know electrical fires claim the lives of 280 Americans each year and injure 1,000 more?

Electrical extension cords must be used wisely and never be overload. The best policy is to unplug the extension cord to keep your wallet safe from zombies and your home safe from fires. However, using the power strip as the central “turn off” point will disconnect the power supply, terminate the zombie infiltration and keep your house safe from flames.

Ladies (and some gentlemen) do you leave you hair dryer, straightener or curling iron plugged in? Electrical devices built to emit heat use more power than other devices. These devices not only bleed your wallet dry but they also may overload a circuit, causing an electrical fire.

Have a great weekend! And speaking of zombies, don’t forget about The Walking Dead on AMC this Sunday!

Thanks to flickr user Mr. Theklan for the great photo!