The Direct Energy Buzz: July 1st Edition

It’s that time of the week again… Time to get the latest news and job updates from Direct Energy! We love sharing energy news and fun stories we find on the Internet with our Friends and Followers on Facebook and Twitter and every Friday we will take some time out on the blog to do a quick recap.

First things first. Now that the first named storm of the 2011 Hurricane Season, Tropical Storm Arlene, has come and gone we want to know: are you ready for Hurricane Season?

Interview with a Direct Energy Meteorologist: This week, we interviewed Mark Strzepek, a senior meteorologist at Direct Energy, to help answer all your hurricane-related questions. Mark has been practicing meteorology for 20 years and the last four have been with DE in Houston, Texas. Want to know what we might be able to expect? Check out our blog post!

Your Disaster Supply Kit: A few weeks ago we talked about how important it is in preparing for Hurricane Season to make sure that your Disaster Supply Kit is updated. Check out this article to find out what your should include!!

Now, for the Direct Energy Buzz!

10 tips for under $10: Say hello to shorts, tank tops, and flip flops because summertime has officially started! As we all look forward to hanging out poolside, brighter days and summer vacation it is important to keep in mind that summer heat also means higher energy consumption. Direct Energy offers ten simple tips under ten dollars to lower your energy bill this summer, without having to resort to wearing a swimsuit indoors.

Faces of Energy: Pop City Magazine in Pittsburgh interviewed the president of Direct Energy Business, Maura Clark. In the article, she talks about opportunities for hiring in the energy field today, how the field is growing so quickly in Pittsburgh and what to expect in the future. Read the full feature article here.

15 Coolest Smart Cars: You’ve probably seen an Art Car driving down the street before, but have you ever seen a SMART Art Car? Check out these awesome photos of what 15 artists have done to turn the traditional smart car in to works of art!

Embarking on lighting retrofit at Dalhousie University: Direct Energy’s new project with Dalhousie University in Canada will kick off next week with a series of audits to help the school with energy efficiency. DE will be producing a feasibility report that will look at how various spaces on campus are currently being used and what their current light levels are and DE will then evaluate how the we can improve the lighting of those areas. Read on for details!

Quick tips for cooling off without Air Conditioning: Looking for ways to save energy, but still keep cool around the house? Check out this awesome list of quick tips to help you do just that!

And last but not least, our Direct Energy Job of the Week is a listing for Internal Communications Specialists! Search DER00000029 at for more details.

Thanks to Flickr user [JP] Corrêa Carvalho for the cool shot of a retro fan!