The Direct Energy Buzz – March 23 edition

Hello and welcome back to another edition of The Direct Energy Buzz! Is it just us or did this week totally fly by? Let’s not waste anytime. Without further ado, here’s everything that has happened this week on our Facebook, Twitter and Blog.

On Monday, we commented on the fickleness of the weather. ENERGY STAR has some great tips to help you cool and heat your home efficiently.

It’s been almost two weeks since we set our clocks for Daylight Savings. Have you fully adjusted yet? Here are some great ways to save energy during Daylight Savings.

Another way to appreciate Daylight Savings is to enjoy dinner with friends and family outside, picnic style! Here’s everything you need to know to throw the perfect eco-friendly picnic.

Another great way to have an eco-friendly picnic is to use fresh fruits and vegetables from your own garden. In case you don’t know what or when to plant, SproutRobot is here to help! You’ll know what works well in your area and the prime times to plant.

On Thursday, we celebrated World Water Day. Do you know how much water you use each day? It might surprise you!

We hope you have a terrific weekend! Any big plans? Drop us a line and let us! We’ll see you next week!

Thanks flickr user uberculture.