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The Direct Energy Buzz:

Father’s Day Gift Guide: It’s not too late to get something totally geeky and green for the dad in your life. Check out this Father’s Day Gift Guide on the Huffington Post!

A New Smart Grid: This week the Obama Administration announced a group of new initiatives aimed at advancing a clean energy economy, some of which involve smart-grid technology deployment for the 21st century. For more information, check out these resources posted by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Hurricane 101 – Preparing for the Storm: We cannot believe it is already that time of the year again. Hurricane season begins every year on June 1 and we’ll be posting articles over the next few months to help you and your loved ones prepare.

Direct Energy Funds Alliance to Save Energy’s ‘Green Schools’ Program: Thanks to a donation from North America’s largest integrated energy company, Direct Energy, eight schools in the North Penn School District north of Philadelphia and eight charter schools in the Pittsburgh area will use energy efficiency to work to cut their electricity costs by 5 to 15 percent under the auspices of the Alliance to Save Energy’s Green Schools Program. Check out the full story here!

Teen’s invention makes solar panels 40% more efficient: One teen’s invention makes solar panels 40% more efficient: Just 19, student inventor and entrepreneur Eden Full is already making her mark. Full, who attended high school in Calgary, recently received the Scotiabank EcoLiving Student Leadership Award for her invention, the SunSaluter. Designed to increase the efficiency of solar panels by orienting them to always be perpendicular to the sun’s rays, Full’s device is driven by simple bi-metallic strips that expand during the day and contract as they cool at night.

Direct Energy job of the week: Senior Manager Digital Strategy, search job number DER0000001X at

And last but not least, check out this awesome photo gallery of the Dallas Mavericks parade through downtown Dallas to celebrate the club’s first championship!