Upgrade Your Tailgate! Part 4 - An Energy Efficient and Green Tailgate

Upgrade Your Tailgate! Part 4 – An Energy Efficient and Green Tailgate

When I think of football, my mind immediately goes to fond memories of attending tailgate parties in high school, college, and beyond. Now that football season is in full swing, it means tailgating parties are too. If you are hosting an upcoming tailgate party for your favorite team, it’s time to think outside the box. With our Upgrade Your Tailgate! series, we’ll help you diversify the types and styles of parties you can throw as you root your team on to victory!

Upgrade Your Tailgate! Part 4 - An Energy Efficient and Green Tailgate
Tailgating for your favorite football team doesn’t have to be wasteful. Go green next time!

We hope you’ve enjoyed all we’ve offered with this great series, including tips on throwing a fantastic over-the-top tailgate in Part One, hosting a kid-friendly tailgate in Part Two, and putting on a budget-friendly shindig in Part 3.

With this fourth and final installment of our series, we want to focus on the greener side of tailgating. When you tailgate at a football game, it frequently results in major trash accumulation and energy usage. Between the mass amounts of paper and plastic goods thrown out and electricity used to power TVs, lights, and music, the day can be quite costly for the environment. However, with these four green tailgating ideas, you can host an eco-friendly tailgate party that’s fun and earth-conscious.

1) Reuse

Upgrade Your Tailgate! Part 4 - An Energy Efficient and Green Tailgate
It all comes back to the basics: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

A day of tailgating results in tons of trash full of paper plates, napkins, and plastic utensils. Rather than contributing heaps of trash to the landfills, use reusable utensils, cups and plates instead.

For example, Costco sells bulk reusable cups made by Eco-Products. They are durable enough to be reused multiple times, and as an added bonus, they are made from a plant-based plastic, contain 25% Post-consumer recycled content, and are 100% recyclable.

2) Recycle

While paper and plastic items contribute to a lot of the waste created at tailgates, two other big trash items are aluminum cans and plastic bottles. Whether your guests drink beer, soda, or water, the result is still the same – a lot of trash going to the landfill.

Instead, set up a separate trash bag labeled “Recyclable” for your aluminum cans, plastic bottles and cardboard. Also, write out a list and put it on or near the recyclable trash can to remind your guests what can (and cannot!) be recycled.

3) Fresh Food

Upgrade Your Tailgate! Part 4 - An Energy Efficient and Green Tailgate
Buying the food for your party from someone local encourages green living since the produce didn’t have to be shipped from another part of the country.

No matter what kind of tailgate you’re throwing, food might be the most important component (besides the game itself). With a green tailgate, provide local and seasonal foods bought from your nearest butcher and farmers market. If you are unable to make it to a farmers market, then purchase fresh, organic foods from a trusted grocery store to get your meats and veggies free of chemicals.

4) Energy-Efficient Generator

If it’s important to you to have TV’s, music, and/or lights for your tailgate, you can still be energy efficient. Try an energy efficient generator like the Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator. This solar-powered option can power all of your electronics while still helping you be eco-friendly.

How would you throw a green tailgate for your football-loving friends? Give us your suggestions in the comments!

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