Welcome to the Direct Energy blog!

Welcome to the Direct Energy blog!  This blog is here to help us connect with our customers, gain their feedback and share a little deeper view into Direct Energy with you.  You’ll see articles written by people in different areas of our business who are passionate about what they’re doing at work and in the community.  We know energy is not the most interesting subject to everybody even if we love it.  Our goal is to provide you with informative and relevant posts, but not bore you; to give you a view into the work we do, our industry, our people and the things that matter to us.

We have over 5 million customer relationships across North America.  That’s a vast geography and a diverse customer base.  But, all of our customers have one thing in common.  Each one of them uses our products and services, from natural gas or electricity to furnaces and home maintenance, in their own special way to power the things that make their house a home.

Those of us here at Direct Energy have that same thing in common with our customers.  We also have expertise in energy like how to use it efficiently and how to save it.  But, that’s not all.  We also source it, generate it, supply it and service it.  That’s a lot of know-how.  Our mission is to harness our energy expertise to make a difference in people’s lives.  This blog will be a tool for us to share our knowledge with you.

This is meant to be a two-way conversation.  We want to hear back from you. We want you to share your feedback, ideas and experiences.  We know there are areas where we can improve our service to our customers. We’re human and sometimes mistakes are made. But, there’s also a lot of work going on to make our company better for you. We will share those efforts, as well.

We’re excited! Thank you for joining us here.