We’re dreaming of a Green Christmas

Bing Crosby might be dreaming of a White Christmas, but at Direct Energy, we’re dreaming of a Green Christmas – one filled with energy efficient gifts.

If you want in on the Green Christmas craze, we’ll share our gift guide with you. And remember, shopping green can lead to more green in your pocket.

For the Film Critic:

  • Upgrade your home theatre with an ENERGY STAR TV and/or DVD player. Qualified TVs provide 30% more energy savings.

For the Home:

  • A digital picture frame is a hot gift this year, and one with the ENERGY STAR qualified digital picture frames use 25% less energy.

For the Chef:

  • Consider a crock pot, pressure cooker or other countertop appliances to keep your favorite chef away from the oven for extra energy savings. Crock pots use 70% less energy by sealing in hot air to cook food quickly.

For the Green Thumb:

  • Solar-powered Sun Jars make great gifts for the gardener in your life. They collect sunlight all day and emit a soft glow by night, without the use of electricity or batteries.

For the Stocking:

  • A power strip makes a great stocking stuffer! Paired with any of these other gifts, a power strip can add to even more energy savings. Remember those zombie electronics? A power strip can keep some of those zombie electronics at bay when not in use.

A friendly tip for any kind of gift, wrap it in used wrapping paper, old newspaper (kids love the cartoon section!) or even cloth or fabric that can be used year after year. You’ll have energy savings all wrapped up!

Now, ask Aunt Edna to put down the knitting needles (you really don’t need another pot holder, anyway), and pick up one of these energy efficient gifts for you instead. They make great birthday gifts, too!

Thank you flikr user jgarber for the Green Gift photo.