Winter Storage Tips

Welcome back to the workweek! It’s almost the end of February which means spring is almost here. To help you stay organized through the remainder of the coldest season, we’ve come up with some fun, fashionable and of course green storage tips.

  • Buying antique trunks and dressers are a great, green way to keep your things stored away. By purchasing older items, you’ll reduce your use and the resources used to make new furniture.
  • Use glass containers instead of plastic for kitchen storage. It’ll keep toxins out of your food, lasts longer than plastic, and looks more stylish!
  • Use upcycled materials to create cute DIY storage shelves, crates and containers. Pinterest is the perfect resource for fun and useful projects that’ll help green your home.

Whether you’re in a house or an apartment, storage always seems to be lacking. So go antiquing, start a new project and have some fun!

Although spring is getting closer, it’s been a cold winter in the New England region.  Click here to read our latest Electric Avenue blog and learn why electricity and natural gas have been experiencing price spikes in that region.

Photo: Shutterstock