Zombie Electronics By The Numbers

We are so not joking around about the threat of zombies! A Zombie Apocalypse can totally happen!

Unlike many of the zombies you will see next Monday while trick or treating, zombie electronics will not disappear after Halloween. That’s a scarier thought than any scary movie we’ve seen! We want to make the threat of zombie electronics VERY obvious. Without further ado…

Zombie Electronics by the numbers:

  • 27 – the amount of watts of energy a typical gaming console eats up when it’s in use (So hungry!)
  • 23 – the amount of watts that same gaming console feasts on when it’s in standby mode (That’s hardly standing by, we’d say!)
  • 24 – the amount of dollars that same gaming console in standby mode wastes in a year. (We can think of a lot of things we’d rather put that money toward…)
  • 75 – the percentage of electricity consumed to power zombie electronics and zombie appliances that are turned off (These zombies are STRONG!)
  • 20 – the percentage of the total energy bill appliances and home electronics are responsible for in the average U.S. home. (And 75 percent of that was when the electronic was turned off!)
  • 10-50 – the amount of zombie electronics a typical homes has lurking inside (Zombie electronics like to travel in herds.)

We know these numbers seem daunting but you are not helpless. You can fight back against this zombie uprising and you can triumph. We’ve been giving you tips and tactics for the last few weeks and here are a few more still.

  • Look for the Energy Star logo when shopping for new appliances.
  • Use a power strip as a central “turn off” point. It will completely disconnect the power supply and terminate the zombie infiltration.
  • Unplug all major appliances when heading out on vacation. Even when devices such as the microwave, stove and washing machine aren’t in use, their LED panels continue to devour energy.
  • Manually turn off computer monitors. It saves more electricity than a screen saver.
  • Rather than leaving a light on to deter burglars, install a timer. This way your lights are on for only a short period rather than all day.

So, what are you waiting for?! Get out there, get rid of those zombies, cut your energy consumption and save your budget!