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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is great for the environment, plus it can help you to reduce your electricity bills.

We've compiled this list of energy saving ideas to make your home and business more energy efficient and comfortable. Most of these ideas are easy to do and take only a few minutes to perform. By reducing energy usage, we can help you keep your energy costs down as well as benefit the environment.

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About Deregulation

About Deregulation

How Does Deregulation Work?
While choosing Direct Energy, the consumer will continue to have their delivery provided by their current local utility. Marketers, like Direct Energy, buy electricity or natural gas supply for its customers and have it delivered to the local utility. The utility then distributes the electricity or natural gas to the customer.

Why is Deregulation Beneficial?
Under deregulation, marketers purchase electricity or natural gas at wholesale and may be able to sell it at a lower price.

  • Price protection (with a wider variety of pricing options)
  • Competitive prices may now be available to the consumer
  • More product plans are available for customers
  • Prices may be stabilized for the consumer
  • Larger selection of products that support customer needs (ex., Green Products)
  • Freedom of choice

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How to Read Your Meter

How to Read Your Meter

Part of being an educated and informed electricity consumer involves knowing how to read your electricity meter. With this knowledge, you can check your own usage during the course of a month so that you're not surprised when you read your bill each month. By learning to read your electricity meter, you can also double-check the electricity usage seen on that bill.

Below, we explain how to read an analog meter and then how to calculate your usage based upon that reading. If you have an AMS Smart Meter with a digital readout, you will only need to use the last section of this walkthrough.

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Daves Corener

Dave's Corner

With 31 years of experience in the energy sector, Dave Walton provides homeowners with tips and advice to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Dave's educating style helps homeowners decipher the often conflicting messages they receive about home improvements and eco-friendly solutions.

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Power Outages

Power Outages

Power outages put a strain on your comfort, but an unanticipated inconvenience can turn into a safety hazard for your family if you don't have the right tools. Let Direct Energy help you manage the interruption to your daily routine with our helpful Power Outage tips. From strategies for families with young children to circuit breaker safety and appliance protection, we'll walk you through the resources you need when the lights go out.

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Energy Glossary

Energy Glossary

We try to keep our explanations simple here at Direct Energy, but there are times that we have to use certain technical terms to describe your electricity service. We feel your pain, so we've created this helpful Energy Glossary. This way, in case you've ever wondered what a "kilowatt-hour" is, what we mean by "energy demand," or what "renewable energy resources" might be, you have come to the right place!

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Heating and Cooling

Heating & Cooling

You don't really appreciate your air conditioner or heater until it breaks, and then you can't get it repaired quickly enough. At Direct Energy, we want to make sure that your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioner (HVAC) system is well maintained all year long. By ensuring that your home is appropriately heated or cooled, your family can stay comfortable and happy. Let HVAC services from Direct Energy address any maintenance or repair needs you might have.

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Plumbing Hints & Tips

There are few problems around your home worse than facing issues with the plumbing, especially since most of us are ill-equipped to fix something that breaks. Thankfully, with plumbing services from Direct Energy, we can connect you with experienced plumbers who will be able to take care of all your concerned, whether you need something fixed, installed, or fine-tuned.

Hints & Tips | Tips for the Winter | Replacement Products | How to Prepare Against Floods | Save Water at Home

At Home Power Saftey

Be Power Safe at Home

We all want to make sure that our family and friends are safe at all times, which means that home safety is of the utmost importance. Statistically, most accidents occur in the home, but that doesn't mean that they're going to occur in yours. Hopefully, our home safety tips to safeguard the most important people in your life.

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Power Line Saftey

Power Line Safety

Sure, most of us don't spend much time around power lines, but we all know that you shouldn't touch a downed power line under any circumstances. Use these safety tips to learn how to proceed to keep your home, family, or friends around power lines.

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Hurricane 101

Hurricane 101

The best way to avoid the harmful effects of a hurricane is to get prepared for the arrival of that hurricane. In fact, proper hurricane preparedness really occurs when there isn't a hurricane on the horizon. By creating the necessary plans, securing the right equipment, and gathering the correct tools in your Hurricane Toolkit, you can ensure that your friends, family, pets, and/or home are well taken care of when that storm hits. Let Direct Energy help you with these preparations so that you can rest assured that everything will be in place when you need it most.

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