Furnace Maintenance

Why is Maintenance Important – Even When It's Not Covered by Warranty

Most manufacturer warranties strongly recommend annual maintenance for your furnace or boiler. Some even state that annual maintenance is required for proper warranty coverage and that any repairs required due to lack of routine maintenance are not covered by warranty.

For example, say your furnace or boiler has a five year warranty. Let's say you run your new furnace or boiler for three years without it ever having an inspection, cleaning, flushing, or any of its valve controls checked. Then one January night it doesn't work so you call in a repair technician. If the tech determines that the system failed because of a lack of routine maintenance, then you could be stuck with the full repair bill.

In other words, the manufacturer isn't responsible for "wear and tear" from consumer use. It's just like when you buy a car. You need to change the engine oil, filters, and change the brake pads to keep it running smoothly and safely. If you don't and the car's engine seizes, stalls, or you slide into a ditch when the brakes fail will you be able to hold manufacturer responsible? No.

Now, let's say your boiler or furnace is out of warranty and you've decided there's no reason to keep up the annual inspections or maintenance. Normal wear and tear from consumer use is not going to go away. Like your car, your HVAC system needs to be regularly checked over to keep it running smoothly and safely. Simple preventative maintenance can identify cheap minor issues before they turn into expensive major problems. Plus, service technicians can tell you what common wear-problems you can expect and how you can solve yourself.

Regardless of whether your system is in or out of warranty, it's a smart idea to have it inspected every year by one of Direct Energy's licensed HVAC professionals. Sign up now for an affordable maintenance plan to protect your home and save you money.