Control from anywhere and at anytime

Save electricity and money

Compare to homes around you

The Meridian Savings Plans from Direct Energy and the Meridian Smartphone App

Your thermostat controls over half of your home's energy. The Meridian Smartphone App puts control of your thermostat in the palm of your hand. It offers convenient feedback and information that guides you to more efficient electricity usage. Following these recommendations can save you up to 10% on your energy usage for heating and cooling your home.

Control from anywhere and at anytime

With the Meridian Smartphone App, you can activate your thermostat from anytime and anywhere. And the device makes programming your thermostat simple and convenient. Our four settings - "Home," "Away," "Asleep," and "Vacation" -- allow you to set your thermostat's temperatures for optimal energy usage. Each setting is available through one-touch activation, and the smartphone app recommends energy saving temperatures for each status.

Your thermostat can also calculate the optimal time to turn on the air conditioner or the furnace so that your home changes temperature status in accordance with your schedule.

Changes at your command

There are times when the "busy-ness" of life conflicts with your programmed thermostat settings, and this causes you to make an adjustment "on the fly" because your schedule has changed. Thankfully, your Honeywell Smart Thermostat is connected to your Meridian smartphone app, so you can make any changes you need wherever you are.

Easy access to everything

If you have multiple thermostats in your home, you can access them all with the smartphone app. Simply tap the "Menu" tab and toggle between the different thermostats to make permanent or temporary changes to the temperature as you deem necessary.

Save electricity and money

The Meridian Smartphone App coaches you to create efficient temperature settings so that you can increase the chances of saving electricity and money. You can set your home temperature to the recommended levels with just a touch of a button.

Each time you program your thermostat with an inefficient temperature, the Meridian smartphone app reminds you of the recommended energy efficient temperature and tells you approximately how much it could cost you, per year, to keep your house at an inefficient temperature. You will see the difference in real dollars and cents.

A system that grows with you

Each time you change your home's temperature to a more energy efficient setting, the Meridian Smartphone App will ask you if you would like to save that temperature as your new scheduled home temperature. If you do not intend to, you can simply touch the resume button to return to your previously programmed temperatures.

As you continue to use the smartphone app, the Honeywell Smart Thermostat will remember your electricity habits and use that information to make more energy efficient recommendations in the future.

Compare your settings to homes around you

The smartphone app displays how your "Home," "Away," "Asleep," and "Vacation" temperature settings compare to other homes in the network. If your home is less energy efficient, the smartphone app will recommend new temperature settings to help save you electricity and money.

Convenient Installation

Once your smart thermostat has been installed, our trained One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning technician will help you download the Meridian Smartphone App. The smartphone app is available in both Apple iTunes and Google Play app stores, and it's supported by the Apple iPhone running IOS 5 or newer as well as Android phones running OS 2.2 or above. Download this smartphone app when you enroll in one of our 24-month Meridian Savings Plans (Standard Msg & Data Rates May Apply).