Features of the Nest Learning ThermostatTM

Did you know that your thermostat controls half of your home's energy?

half your electricity

Thermostats control more energy than computers, lights, televisions, and household appliances combined, so without a programmable thermostat, the average customer could be wasting around $170 a year*. And that's where the Nest Learning Thermostat™ can help. The Nest Learning Thermostat™ learns your schedule and programs itself. Teach Nest your schedule and you could save up to 20% on your heating and cooling bill:


No more messing with your thermostat or adjusting the temperature when you get home. Auto-Schedule from Nest learns what temperatures you like and when you like them, and then programs itself to save on your heating and cooling.


Conserve energy with Auto-Away. Nest automatically turns itself down when you're not home so that you can avoid paying to heat or cool an empty house.

Nest Leaf:

The Nest Leaf appears when you turn Nest to an energy-efficient temperature, guiding you to make the best choice for the most savings. A one-degree adjustment can save you up to 5% on your energy use.


Airwave automatically lowers your AC runtime by turning off your air conditioning a few minutes early if the humidity in your home isn't too high. By keeping the fan running, Airwave ensures a cool, comfortable home with reduced energy use.

Energy History:

Nest tracks your heating and cooling usage and provides a monthly Energy Report so that you can see what times your home was most affected by your energy use. The more you know about your energy use, the more you can save.

System Match:

Nest activates custom energy-saving features with System Match depending on the system you have. These include True Radiant predictable scheduling, Heat Pump Balance, and Filter Change Reminders.


Nest, Nest Learning Thermostat™, Nest Leaf, Airwave, Auto-Away, and the Nest logo are trademarks or service marks of Nest Labs, Inc. You must be a single family homeowner to enroll in the Plan. You will receive the Nest Thermostat within 2 weeks of the date you start receiving electricity and/or natural gas service from Direct Energy. The Nest Thermostat is compatible with most HVAC systems. Check the compatibility of your system here before enrolling in the Plan. If you cancel your Plan early, you must pay a device cost recovery fee of $200 per thermostat.